MeStart is a fully pluggable web application framework for managing personal information. It has features similar to iGoogle and other start pages. I created this program in 2002, in about a week, in order to keep track of my information while I was moving to a new city and knew I would not have access to my personal computer. Therefore, it is designed to be run on most free web site hosting services,such as ProHosting, which support Perl.

NOTE: This project has not been worked on since 2002. The plugins may not function properly.

Existing plugins include:

Shows a nifty calendar.
Allows you to manage contact information.
Reads man pages and perl documentation. used as a development resource.
Keep notes organized.
Shows a list of installed plugins and versions.
Keeps a list of items to do, such as shopping lists, etc.

If you would like to see a demo, go here. The username is "guest" and the password is "pass".

You can download it, here. (Sorry - no documentation yet!)