Ampache Themes

I have created this theme as my first theme in my Bubbly Blue series of themes. (More coming for WP, Drupal, etc.) It is modelled after the look and feel of my homepage. Here are some highlights of Bubbly Blue:

  • Very Fast!
  • Based on default Ampache theme
  • Lots of nice curves and shadows, without images!
  • Blue and Green colors
  • 3-D look
  • Lightweight with minimal images (total image size ~60Kb, except missing albumart images)
  • Intended for more modern browsers (uses CSS extensively)
  • Tested in Google Chrome, IE8, Firefox 3.5, Opera 9, Safari (latest), and on iPhone 3.0
  • I have included the GIMP XCF file I used to create the logo with, if anyone wants to use it (in images/ folder)

Since this is my first real theme, I would love any feedback I can get (email: skamansam at gmail dot com)!

You can download the theme here:

Coming Soon: Optimized CSS, for even faster loading!

Here are some screenshots: