CMS Theme Builder
A GUI CSS Editor for CMSs.
fbconfig is a fully extensible program written in Gtk2-Perl that aids in the configuration of many facets of the Linux Opersating System. It is nothing more than a GUI shell for plugins. All of the real functionality resides in the plugins, in the form of Perl Modules (.pm files).

It has a very verbose API for anyone wishing to write plugins for it. Its API allows for quick and dirty plugin creation, leaving the plugin programmer free to spend time on the actual functionality, instead of the interface. I tried to make the API as detailed as possible.

I chose Perl over any other language because most Linux users know it and it is an easy language in which to implement plugins, in the form of Perl Modules. Most other languages do not have easy routines for this.

Check it out on my SourceForge site:

Sam's Management System, a web site management system.
Sam's Management System is a complete management system for web sites. It is what runs this site. I still have a lot to do, but I believe I finished the most difficult part: the navigation system. I set it up to be able to handle any kind of navigation interface you would like, although I haven't tested it with anything but this one.

The goal was simple: to create a way to manage my website without having to worry too much about HTML and to extinguish the use of JavaScript. Most sites implement a navigation system based on JavaScript, and since I like my sites to be available to the largest audience, I don't have to worry about cross-browser JS implementations, because SaMS is written in Perl!

I still need to implement a way of updating the site via a simple web interface, but it seems to work more than well enough for me.

Check it out here!