My Javascript Projects

Trigonometry Helper
A web form to help you solve triangle mathematics.
Formulae for right triangles, as well as other triangles.
  • Calculates the sides and angles of a triangle based on two (right) or three (other) of six given variables.
  • Input two (right) or three (other) variables, then press the Calculate button to get the other four.
  • To see a little demo of it, click here.
  • It is based on a program I wrote for my TI-81 graphing calculator. If you want to see the program code, click here
  • Browser About
    Information about your browser.
    This page displays useful information about your browser. It contains a list of plugins you have installed, a list of some about: URLs I ran into, and a list of MIME types your browser can handle. Check it out here!

    An old childhood game, in javascript.
    This is the classic MASH game, where you enter random words and a story is spit out. You can play it here